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Dusan Stojnov & Jelena Pavlovic*

Strong efforts have recently been made in various therapeutic approaches to adapt their clinical procedures and become more suitable for working with healthy and high achieving persons. The main argument of this paper is that Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) stood for a coaching psychology long before the term ‘coaching’ gained popularity. Therefore, a move from Personal Construct Therapy (PCT) to Personal Construct Coaching (PCC) represents a move towards its roots, rather than adaptation to new market demands. In this paper, the main principles of PCC are elaborated and a general framework for practitioners is provided. The paper includes a discussion on key metaphors of the role of the coach and the coachee, the coaching relationship and the reconstruction as a coaching goal. Stages with supporting techniques in PCC are proposed as procedures for reconstruction of personal and organisational stories. In concluding reflections we contemplate upon the benefits of a personal construct psychology framework for coaching.

* This article is a result of the project ‘Education for knowledge-based society’ No 149001 (2006-2010), financially supported by the Ministry for Science and Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia.

Full article: Volume 5, Issue 2 pages 129 - 139


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