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Sandy Gordon

In this paper the principles and processes of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and Appreciative Inquiry Coaching (AIC) are described to illustrate the theory and vision behind a recent paradigm shift in promoting change both in business and everyday life settings. Appreciative Inquiry evolved in the 1980s as a revolutionary and positive philosophy aimed at creating organisational change and is a process that focuses on leveraging an organization’s core strengths, rather than seeking to overcome or minimize its weaknesses. Appreciative Inquiry has been used to cultivate peak performance leadership in the workplace and appreciative organizational practices have been used to create strategic competitive advantages. The AI 4-D Model (Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny) is used to illustrate how AIC can be applied by coaching practitioners and additional applications of appreciative coaching that address frequently encountered coaching issues are provided.

Full article: Volume 3, Issue 1 pages 19 - 31


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