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Andrew Armatas

Coaching psychology has not given much thought to hypnosis, despite its long history of applications in enhancing human abilities and potentials. Since a range of psychotherapeutic strategies have been successfully transitioned to coaching and are commonly practiced by coaches and coaching psychologists, it is suggested that hypnotic techniques and principles can also be successfully employed to meet coaching objectives. This paper mainly discusses: (a) the use of self-hypnosis for the coachee; (b) adapting ageprogression and age-regression to fit coaching needs; and (c) the use of indirect suggestions in the coaching dialogue to enhance coachee receptivity. The term ‘coaching hypnosis’ is proposed when referring to the use of hypnosis in coaching as it will help to separate links with hypnotherapy and encourage it to build an identity of its own.

Full article: Volume 4, Issue 2 pages 174 - 183


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