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Marc Simon Khan

Business coaching is defined as occurring within an organizational context with the goal of promoting success at all levels of the organization by affecting the actions of those being coached. Its success is based in the quality of the coaching relationship and the degree to which it successfully aligns with the organization from which it takes direction and sanction. This paper explores an integrative and systemic approach to business coaching which captures the way it interfaces with organizational, interpersonal and intrapsychic systems. The integrative orientation ensures the coach is unrestricted theoretically and practically in delivering the most viable intervention and the systemic orientation works with the relational interfaces between coach, coachee and organisation to ensure alignment with organisational reality. These interfaces are viewed in three dimensions, the environment, the individual and the coaching relationship, existing on an axis that a coach may track thematically. A practical dialogical process is offered to illicit insights and test actions systemically along this axis. A detailed case study is provided.

Keywords: Business coaching; executive coaching; integrative; systemic; dialogical.

Full article: Volume 6, Issue 2 pages 194 - 210


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