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Michael Cavanagh & David Lane

Coaching is a rapidly emerging discipline in a world in constant change. With its clients it deals with issues that can fit within rational linear models that have served psychology in the past. It also helps clients to deal with challenges for which such frameworks offer little value. In chaotic space we seek to hold our clients anxiety to enable them to act. Between the linear and the chaotic, the space on the edge of chaos creates possibilities for emergent creativity. Operating in these spaces has implications for us as practitioners, researchers and as a profession. This paper explores each of these. If coaching psychology is to come of age we need to find a way to create a discipline that can build on our foundations yet work comfortably with cross disciplinary ideas and colleagues. It may be that coaching psychology will emerge as a new kind of discipline one that can embraces rigour and the chaotic in the service of its
clients, science and the profession.

Keywords: Complexity, Coaching Psychology, Chaos, Profession, Research, Creativity.

Full article: Volume 7, Issue 1 pages 75 - 90


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