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Penny Cortvriend, Claire Harris & Emma Alexander

Objectives: Findings from a study exploring the links between leadership development coaching and performance are reported in this paper.
Design: The study adopted a mixed-method approach. The participants were drawn from an opportunity sample of 36 senior managers who took part in a leadership development programme in a metropolitan borough council. Surveys were used to assess the impact of coaching on performance before, during and after several one-to-one coaching sessions. Semi-structured interviews were also undertaken with 10 coachees at the end of the coaching.
Methods: Surveys assessed individual and organisational benefits of coaching, including interpersonal relationship and task accomplishment skills. Semi-structured interviews focused on the impact of coaching on individual and organisational performance, together with its impact on the organisational client base: the public.
Results: There was a difference in leadership skills in the pre- and post-survey results. Both the quantitative and qualitative results indicate improved individual and organisational performance. The qualitative data also illustrate a positive impact on the organisational client base: the public.
Conclusions: Coaching impacts positively on individual and organisational performance. It enhances well being and reduces stress as well as helping coachees to move towards a more transformational style of leadership. Despite methodological difficulties in evaluating the impact of coaching, further well designed evaluation research is required if the true impact of coaching on different aspects of performance is to be demonstrated.

Keywords: coaching, performance, leadership development, evaluation.

Full article: Volume 3, Issue 2 pages 164 - 179


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