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Volume 3 Issue 3 - November 2008


Stephen Palmer & Michael Cavanagh

Academic articles

Co-active coaching as an intervention for obesity among female university students
Melissa van Zandvoort, Jennifer D. Irwin & Don Morrow

Coaches’ experience of critical moments in the coaching
Andrew Day, Erik De Haan, Charlotte Sills, Colin Bertie & Eddie Blass

Searching for the elusive model of coaching: Could the ‘Holy Grail’ be right in front of us?
Travis J. Kemp

Keynote papers

Coaching Psychology: Coming of age?
Alison Whybrow

Coaching and Therapy: Similarities and divergences
Ernesto Spinelli

Coaching psychology strategies and techniques

All or nothing thinking: Using thinking skills to re-appraise performance-interfering thinking
Alanna O’Broin

The judicious use of hypnosis in coaching and coaching psychology practice
Stephen Palmer

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