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Volume 4 Issue 1 - March 2009


Editorial - Leadership coaching in a challenging world - Growing with our clients
Michael Cavanagh & Stephen Palmer

Guest Editorial - Coaching and Leadership: Practice, perspectives and directions from the field
Travis J. Kemp

Academic articles

Coaching on the Dark Side
Eric Nelson & Robert Hogan

Expert opinion: Executive Coaching: A real world perspective from a real-life coaching practitioner
Marshall Goldsmith

Leadership coaching transforming mental health systems from the inside out: The Collaborative Recovery Model as person-centred strengths based coaching psychology
Lindsey G. Oades, Trevor P. Crowe & Melanie Nguyen

Strengths coaching with leaders
P. Alex Linley, Linda Woolston & Robert Biswas-Diener

Using attachment theory in coaching leaders: The search for a coherent narrative
David B. Drake

Coaching from the inside: Building an internal group of emotionally intelligent coaches
Annie McKee, Felice Tilin & Delores Mason

Behind the scenes in the Identity Laboratory: Participants’ narratives of identity transition through group coaching in a leadership development programme
Elizabeth Florent-Treacy

Linking MBS learning and leadership coaching
Barbara Wood & Sandy Gordon

Is coaching an evolved form of leadership? Building a transdisciplinary framework for exploring the coaching alliance
Travis J. Kemp

Book Review

The Leader's Way - His Holiness the Dalai Lama & Laurens Van Den MuyzenbergTravis J. Kemp

SGCP & IGCP Update

The ICPR Volume 4 No. 1 March 2009 is a special issue on Coaching and Leadership, particuarly relevant to our times.

This issue is available in full as a PDF via the online shop.

The free full issue of ICPR is only available to download to SGCP members. If you are not a member then you can join for an annual fee of £8.50 (plus Society membership fees) or you can subscribe to a hardcopy of ICPR.


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