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Special Group in Coaching Psychology News

Angela Hetherington

I am pleased to assume the role of Chair of the SGCP for 2011 and wish our membership a successful, healthy and, of course, prosperous new year.

The highlight of the year for the SGCP was the launch of the 1st International Congress of Coaching Psychology, held at City University, London. The SGCP was delighted to host the congress and to work all the more collaboratively with the IGCP as a strategic partner. The congress attracted nearly 300 delegates from around the world and will continue on an international basis in 2011 and 2012. You will see more detail about the UK event in the separate report in this issue of ICPR.

During the UK Congress event, an award for Distinguished Contribution to Coaching Psychology was presented to Dr Siobhain O’Riordan, with special commendations to Dr Tatiana Bachkirova and Dr Jonathan Passmore.

The Congress’s success in the UK was achieved through the leadership of the Congress Chair, Vicky Ellam-Dyson and the Congress Committee. Haley Lancaster and Yvonne McAdam were also pivotal in promoting and marketing the congress to achieve such successful attendance and media visibility.

The SGCP sub-committees have worked tirelessly to develop a new revised SGCP website which offers an informative communication medium, supported by Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. It markets the SGCP through a range of core activities including:

? An online list of SGCP members of chartered psychologist status, linked to the Directory of Chartered Psychologists.

? Access to CPD, training courses and conferences.

? Workshop webinars.

? A coaching psychology forum.

? A network of regional peer practice groups.

SGCP’s two peerreviewed publications, the International Coaching Psychology Review and The Coaching Psychologist, continue to grow both in terms of contributions and readership. Both are abstracted in leading databases and remain the main sites for publishing coaching psychology papers.

The SGCP continues to negotiate with the Society and the HPC to gain accreditation for coaching psychologists. It is in the process of formulating a ‘Register for Psychologists’ with the Society. The Register will pave the way for recognition by the HPC. Accreditation will continue to be a core objective of 2011. The SGCP draws on the resources of the Society to support its activity in respect of publications, communications, training and development - providing members with added benefits.

The SGCP, through the Representative Council and the PPB, has over the year worked to influence policy and practice in the broader field of psychology, both providing expert opinion on consultation documents and communicating Society policies and opportunities through to the SGCP membership.

Dr Ho Law, Past Chair, has worked with the SGCP to develop a comprehensive business strategy which reflects the broader goals of the Society and the current economic and political climate. In particular, this year has seen increased emphasis placed on the market for coaching. There has been increased activity aimed at engaging the consumer and creating a more commercially sensitive orientation within the SGCP. It is intended this focus will continue over 2011, with an increased application of media technology and PR.

Given the relatively transient membership of the committees, the continuity of the SGCP is dependant on the supportive, collegiate and team orientation of the executive committee, the main committee, subcommittees and the Society team. A significant amount of effort, expertise and skills has been applied by the SGCP membership and, in particular, the sub-committee Chairs and has been crucial to its success over the year.

Details of events hosted by the SGCP, and details of SGCP publications, can be found at: www.sgcp.org.uk

Details of on-going international events of the 1st International Coaching Psychology Congress can be found at: www.coachingpsychologycongress.org

Dr Angela Hetherington
Chair, British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology.
Email: sgcpchair@bps.org.uk


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