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Special Group in Coaching Psychology News

Angela Hetherington

Coaching Psychology as a profession continues to gain prominence in a challenging economic climate. This is in part due to the work of the SGCP in promoting coaching psychology both within the member network of the BPS and in the wider market place. In particular, the SGCP has raised its presence in the international sphere through such events as the 1st International Congress of Coaching Psychology and its collaborations with global coaching psychology bodies in: UK, Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. The SGCP will also present at the planned conferences of 2011 and 2012: 2011 Switzerland - March: Sweden - April: South Africa / Southern Hemisphere event - May; Ireland - June; Spain - October. 2012 Netherlands - January 2012; Australia & New Zealand - February 2012; Italy - May 2012. Further events are planned by Israel and the Nordic countries with dates to be confirmed.

The recognition and the visibility of Coaching Psychology in the market place is important, both in order to attract members and to promote the profession. This continues to be achieved through the concerted efforts of the sub-committees.

The Conference Committee, chaired by Haley Townsend and Judit Varkonyi-Sapp has worked tirelessly since the beginning of the year on the 2011 SGCP conference, ‘Innovation in Coaching Psychology’. The date of the conference has now been announced as the 13th and 14th of December 2011. It will again be hosted by City University, London. It is promising to be an exciting conference, with Adrian Furnham, Sigfried Greif, Stephen Palmer & Siobhain O'Riodan, and Rebeca Viney from the London Deanary and David Heap from IGCP, Australia as guest and key note speakers. A broad spectrum of invited speakers from Europe will also be speaking, Australia. Registration at the conference will be open from late summer and further details can be found at: http://sgcp-conference.bps.org.uk

The Events Committee, chaired by Sue Watsham and Zorica Patel, has again delivered a year of compelling professional development. The June event "Strengths Based Coaching" presented by Lucy Ryan provided an excellent workshop, combining theory and practice. This is to be followed by a Professional Practice Day on 7th October, 2011. This special event, which draws on ethical practice and ethical dilemmas in psychological coaching practice, is tailored to SGCP Members as part of the SGCP commitment to members’ Continual Professional Development. Further information can be found on the Events section if the SGCP website www.sgcp.org.uk. The events committee welcomes proposals for workshops/presentations on subjects of interest to Coaching Psychologists. Proposal forms can be downloaded from the Events section of the SGCP website.

The Accreditation Working Party, chaired by Angela Hetherington completed the most recent draft of the Register of Coaching Psychologists and continue to work towards meeting BPS requirements for the accreditation of Coaching Psychologists. The Peer Practice Group continues to provide a welcome resource to members whilst promoting and promulgating good practice and assuring professional development.

SGCP’s two peer reviewed publications, International Coaching Psychology Review and The Coaching Psychologist continue to grow both in terms of contributions and readership. Both are abstracted in leading databases and remain the main sites for publishing coaching psychology papers. Editors; Stephen Palmer and Siobhain O’Riordan invite papers on subjects of interest to coaching psychologists.

The SGCP, through the Representative Council and the PPB, has over the year worked to influence policy and practice in the broader field of psychology, both providing expert opinion on consultation documents and communicating BPS policies and opportunities through to the SGCP membership.

The SGCP committee, like all member networks within the society, is comprised of a ‘transient workforce’ and a core requirement of the group is to maintain the transfer of knowledge within its committee membership whilst accommodating change. Achieving consensus, whilst facilitating innovation remains a key and challenging issue for the SGCP.

This has been evident over the last quarter during which the SGCP committee has continued to adapt to the loss of members and the change of roles of other members, creating a mix of continuity and change. Nadia Nagamootoo, secretary of the SGCP committee has been a very welcome member of the exec and has made a significant and welcome contribution to the SGCP. We wish her well in her new work. Jeremy Ridge is acting as an informal coach to the executive committee in an effort to model and promote the value of peer coaching within the SGCP and to promote openness and challenge within the exec. His experience in Chair and executive roles working at a strategic level in similar professional bodies is very welcome in particular to the Executive Committee.

Claire Townsend and Judit Varkonyi-Sepp have assumed the roles of publications and Communications co-Chairs, introducing additional energy and innovation to the team. Jennifer Liston-Smith has assured a smooth transition in the leadership and remains on the pubs and communications committee, assuring transferr of knowledge on both the subject and on BPS and SGCP practice and policies. Publications and communications remain a flagship of the SGCP through its website and publications.

Preserving the foundations of the Group, whilst allowing for changes from within the BPS and equally within the exec and the sub-committees remains a challenge. The last quarter has seen continued debate about the use of external and internal support services. The relationship between the SGCP and the BPS continues to be an important factor in achieving SGCP goals and objectives.

The position of the Chair Elect and the secretary remain open. Meetings continue to take place with interested parties but individuals continue to have reservations about the time commitment and the workload. Attracting those individuals who are familiar with the SGCP and experienced in similar roles such that they can contribute to the SGCP’s continuing development remains a challenge. Strategies such as offering remuneration to Chairs are being considered by the group. Members interested in exec roles and in particular sub-committees should please express their interest to the exec committee.

I would like to end by thanking Courtney Rawle for his work on the committee and to welcome Annjanette Wells to the SGCP in her role as BPS representative. Annjanette is familiar with the SGCP and has been providing a support role to the group for some time. Her knowledge of BPS processes and policies will be instrumental in enabling BPS support services to meet the needs of the SGCP.

The SGCP welcomes new members to the committees. Interested applicants please contact the committee through the SGCP website.

Dr Angela Hetherington
Chair, British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology.
Email: sgcpchair@bps.org.uk

Interest Group in Coaching Psychology News

David Heap

There has been a lot of activity within IGCP over the past few months. The National Committee has recently reviewed our strategic plan and the structure of the Committee.

After some debate we decided that the key priorities of the group over the next two years will be:

• ensuring the ongoing success of the IGCP as the representative body for coaching psychologists in Australia and as a valued leader in the wider field of coaching,
• evolving coaching psychology into a recognised specialist area of psychology,
• marketing our members as coaching psychology professionals to the wider industry, and
• positively influencing the quality/professionalism of coaching broadly.

This will be done by:

1. Academic Journals - publishing in association with the British Psychological Society’s Special Group in Coaching Psychology, the International Coaching Psychology Review. Our specific short term goal is to move the ICPR’s rating from a C to a B.
2. Relationships with Universities - continue and enhance our close relationships with Coaching Psychology Units and Coaching Research.
3. Global and Local Networks - maintain and develop our links with International Council of Coaching Psychology, International Coaching Federation, Society of Coaching Psychology, and the proposed Australian Coaching Industry Peak Body.
4. Standards Australia Guidelines on Coaching in Organisations - to continue our participation with Standards Australia in the promotion and development of these Guidelines. The Guidelines was launched on 6 June and is now in use. The IGCP will contribute to its ongoing development as a Standard.
5. Mechanisms of Delivery - we will explore alternative methods of delivery of CPD.
6. Continuing Professional Development Events - including our ongoing high level of state based events, national events and our bi-annual Symposium, next due in 2012 in Sydney.
7. Membership - our numbers have stabilised at around 700 over the past few years and we aim to increase this.

We also took the opportunity to restructure the National Committee to reflect these priorities. There has also been a change in responsibilities amongst the members.

The new structure of the National Committee of the APS Interest Group in Coaching Psychology and the individuals occupying the roles are:

Convenor - David Heap
Deputy Convenor - Aaron McEwan
Secretary - Vicki de Prazer
Treasurer - Henry McNicol
Event Co-ordinator - Nic Eddy
External Liaison - Peter Zarris
Membership Co-ordinator - Aaron McEwan
Research and ICPR - Michael Cavanaugh and Travis Kemp
Committee Events - Peter Zarris
College of Organisational Psychology Liaison - Peter Zarris and David Heap

We have also committed to hosting the 2012 Southern Hemisphere Event for the International Congress of Coaching Psychology in Sydney. We will release further details when available but we are very excited about our plans so far.

The 1st International Congress of Coaching Psychology, Southern Hemisphere Event was held in Pretoria, South Africa over 26 to 27 May and Peter Zarris, David Heap and Aaron McEwan from IGCP attended. It was a truly impressive event and set a very high standard which we will have to work very hard to emulate let alone exceed. Our aim is to combine our 2012 IGCP Symposium with the ICCP event and we look forward to welcoming coaching psychologists and those interested in coaching psychology from around the world here in Australia next year.

I would also like to express on behalf of the National Committee our thanks and appreciation to Peter Zarris for his energetic and entrepreneurial contribution to the IGCP during his time as Convenor. We have gone from strength to strength at a national and international level during this time and much can be attributed to Peter’s leadership.

Peter will continue as a member of the National Committee and he has just been elected as Chair of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists. We give him our best wishes for continued success in this new role.

It is going to be an busy and exciting period for coaching psychology and we look forward to sharing the ride with you.

David Heap
APS - Interest Group on Coaching Psychology


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