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Jonathan Passmore & Lance Mortimer

Objectives: This preliminary study sought to explore the experiences of UK Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) in using coaching as a method for novice driver learning, as part of a wider research agenda into the use of coaching in driver instruction.

Design: The qualitative method of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was used to explore the experiences of ADIs when employing a new learning technique with learner drivers.

Methods: The study took place in the UK with 15 ADIs who had attended a five-day coaching skills course at the University of East London designed specifically for driving instructors and based on the University’s postgraduate programme for coaching psychology.

Results: The study found seven main themes emerged with respect to the use of coaching. These were: understanding the nature of coaching; building an integrated approach; developing new skills; the learner’s acceptance of responsibility for their learning; helping learners’ change their attitude; performance; and achieving wider adoption within the industry.

Conclusions: The study suggests that coaching has a role to play in driver learning. The perception of ADI participants was that, when combined with instruction, it is experienced by ADIs as a useful pedagogy. Further research is required to assess the impact of coaching on learning effectiveness and its post-test accident rates of learners.

Keywords: Coaching with learner drivers; coaching as pedagogy; GDE Matrix, HERMES project; coaching with novice learners; adult learning; ADI coaching; Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis.

Full article: Volume 6, Issue 1 pages 33 - 45


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