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Alan S. Bond & Nicola Naughton

The transition into a new leadership role can be extremely challenging to navigate and is one where leadership transition coaching may benefit both the individual and the organisation. This paper reviews the literature on the nature of leadership transition coaching in the workplace. It highlights commonly reported leadership transition challenges and adopts an analytical approach that considers the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) associated with using leadership transition coaching as a means of addressing these. The paper considers the benefits of leadership transition coaching, additional opportunities which may be facilitated by its implementation within organisations, possible limitations and impediments to its more widespread adoption and the means by which these may be overcome. Ultimately, successful leadership transition management practices which incorporate leadership transition coaching are summarised in the form of a suggested transition planning tool. The paper concludes that the on-going potential challenges to organisations, particularly in today’s economic climate, are in considering both the value to be gained in adopting some form of leadership transition coaching for their leadership appointments and the risks of ignoring this as a talent management tool.

Keywords: leadership transition coaching; SWOT; transition planning tool

Full article: Volume 6, Issue 2 pages 165 - 179


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