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A HEALTHY development from the Multimodal approach to coaching

Stuart Rose, Stephen Palmer & Siobhain O’Riordan

This article considers a suggested development from the Multimodal approach that amends the acronym BASIC ID (Behaviours, Affects, Sensations, Imagery, Cognitive, Interpersonal and Drugs/Biology) used in that approach to identify dimensions of human personality and functioning. The suggested alternative mnemonic ‘HEALTHY’ (Habits, Emotions, Awareness, Lucid Imagery, Thinking, Hearing/Communicating, and Your Body) is explained and the nuances outlined. A comparison with the Cognitive Behavioural four factor model is made. Advantages of the ‘HEALTHY’ model with its particular application to health coaching is discussed.

Keywords: Multimodal; BASIC ID; HEALTHY; Cognitive Behavioural; Coaching; Health Coaching;

Full article: Volume 6, Issue 2 pages 88 - 96


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