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Siobhain O'Riordan

It gives me great pleasure to write my first report as SGCP Chair. This is an exciting time for Coaching Psychology at both a national and international level and whilst there are a number of challenges ahead there is also a wealth of opportunities. The first few months of 2007 have already been busy and we have been working on existing and new areas both within the Society and externally. We have also welcomed new members to the SGCP committee this year as well as those nominated or co-opted to continue their SGCP committee work for a further term.

This is now the third year of the SGCP and during this time there has been some significant achievements. So firstly I would like to thank everyone who has been involved and contributed to these successes to date. The rapid growth of the SGCP over such a short period of time now provides us with an opportunity to adopt a ‘future focus’ and spend time this year on a period of consolidation to ensure both our sustainability for the future and that we continue to respond to members’ needs and the developing area of coaching psychology both at a national and international level.

One of the main focuses of activity in the early part of 2007 has included a restructure of our sub-committees. This change has meant that two of the existing sub-committees have been replaced and a structure has been introduced with discrete working parties that will form and finish as issues emerge, event teams with specific responsibility for delivering particular events and the created roles of Standards Officer, Research Officer and Event Convenors.

This change in structure has a number of benefits in terms of a ‘future focus’ and it will also provide greater opportunity for interested members to get involved in the key activities of SGCP by joining working parties in areas of emerging professional practice and professional development issues. These issues are particularly important at this time as we look at moving forward to an accreditation process for Coaching Psychologists. I would like to encourage you to get in touch if you would be interested in becoming more involved in an area of SGCP work. Please e-mail Helen Barnett at the BPS subsystems office for an expression of interest form (Helen.Barnett@bps.org.uk).

As a busy subsystem it is important to ensure that our activities and focus continues to fit with our strategic aims. Committee work is currently focusing upon developing ways in which we can more effectively monitor delivery against our strategic aims as well as setting new actions for the coming year. You would have read previously in Pauline Willis’ Chair’s Report (TCP, Vol. 2, No. 2, September, 2006) that there are changes ahead within the Society that may impact upon some of our work areas. We have been asked to produce a business plan for 2007-2008 to map out planned and ongoing activities and we will be focussing on this at a number of strategic levels over the coming months.

Since the last edition of TCP we have hosted the hugely successful 1st International Coaching Psychology Conference at City University, London. The planning is now already underway for our 3rd Annual National Conference, which will be held in December, 2007. We are already delighted to announce that Dr Tony Grant and Prof. Carol Kauffman are confirmed as keynote speakers. Following activities undertaken by the SGCP Professional Development, Training and Event Management subcommittee in 2006 work has also begun to confirm upon the details of the 2007 event programme. Further details and registration information will soon be available on the ‘News Page’ of the SGCP website.

Developments in other areas of SGCP activity include there being a third issue of the International Coaching Psychology Review in 2007. The website team is currently focusing upon developing the SGCP website and we now have a new website address www.sgcp.org.uk. A period of consultation has been undertaken on the Subject Benchmarks for Coaching Psychology and Supervision for Coaching Psychology discussion papers. This has included a member’s survey and sessions run by the Professional Practice and Research sub-committee at the conference.

The SGCP currently participates in the Coaching Roundtable, which is an informal meeting of representatives of various not-forprofit coaching bodies in the UK which is organised and equally led by the participant organisations. I would like to clarify, therefore, following a news article titled ‘Coaching Roundtable Officially Launches’ (Coaching at Work, Vol. 2, Issue 1) that the Coaching Roundtable has not been launched as a formal group and there has been no formal agreement or decisions on behalf of the organisations who participate in the Coaching Roundtable to formalise at this stage. Should the Coaching Roundtable develop into a formal body at a later stage then the SGCP would not join because it is only one part of the Society.

Finally, I would welcome you getting in touch with me if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback about the SGCP or would like any information about areas of SGCP work you might be interested in getting involved in during 2007.

Siobhain O’Riordan
E-mail: sgcpchair@bps.org.uk


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