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Dave Bartram

In their paper McDowall and Kurz (2008) claimed that Wave Professional Styles ‘clearly improved on the prediction offered by the well-established OPQ32i tool…’ The claim was based on the report of a study in which there were no significant differences in the validities reported for the two instruments. Hence it cannot be argued that one ‘clearly improved’ on the other. Issues are also raised with the way the data were treated and reported. Composites scores were created by adding together lots of different predictor scales and these composites were then correlated with unreliable single item criterion measures. While the authors say they created Great Eight competency measures in the process of carrying out this aggregation, no data are reported on the correlations of the Great Eight predictors with the criteria, or on potential differences between validities of competency potential and competency rating measures. No information was provided on correlations between the criteria or on the rationale for combining three different criteria into a ‘global performance measure’. Finally, it was difficult to see what role publication of the report of this study played in a paper that was ostensibly about integration of 360 degree feedback into the coaching process.

Keywords: psychometric testing; potential; personality; competencies; the Great Eight; validation research methods; SHL’s OPQ32.

Full article: Volume 4, Issue 3 pages 134 - 140


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