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Hugh O’Donovan

This paper introduces CRAIC which is an acronym for Control, Responsibility, Awareness, Impetus and Confidence. It provides a broad theoretical and unitary psychological framework for developing a practice based understanding, of how coachees uniquely explain and deal with their world, along with, providing the necessary context to build the rapport required to develop, a mindful and productive coaching conversation and relationship. It also potentially serves, to scaffold whatever change is considered necessary and appropriate for the coachee. In the authors practice, it is used within a Cognitive Behavioural Coaching approach, across a range of contexts from Business to Life Coaching. CRAIC provides the basis for generating the insight necessary, to facilitate self-directed learning, personal growth, and improved performance and well-being in the coachee. Additionally, it provides an interesting framework for selfreflection on the part of the Coach in developing his or her own practice.

Keywords: CRAIC, coaching, coaching psychology, enhancing performance, change, control, selfawareness, self-responsibility, self-reflection, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, self-directed learning, confidence.

Full article: Volume 5, Issue 2 pages 90 - 96


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