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Kasia Szymanska

In this last issue of 2007 we have seven papers, starting with an introduction to our December conference. Stephen Palmer interviews the conference keynote speakers, Anthony Grant, Carol Kauffman, Ernesto Spinelli, Sir John Whitmore and Alison Whybrow. The keynote speakers talk about they first became involved in the fields of coaching psychology and coaching how they see the disciplines evolving. Then Jonathan Passmore and Oberdan Marianetti discuss the role of mindfulness in the practice of coaching psychology, with a focus on how mindfulness can be of benefit for both the coaching psychologist and coachee alike.

In the third paper Addy Hackett, Stephen Palmer and Jacqui Farrants, focus on the role of coaching in the management of stress in staff working in the hospice service. In the fourth paper, the debate continues on the topic of NLP, as Susie Linder Pelz and Michael Hall reply to Bruce Grimley’s article published in the August issue of The Coaching Psychologist. In the next paper Ho Law from the SGCP committee addresses the issue of using your membership ethically.

In the ‘International News’ section Paul Olson updates us on the development of coaching psychology in Norway. Finally, Alanna O’Broin and Siobhain O’Riordan update our members on the issue of the Society’s office service charging system and its potential impact on SGCP.

I wish you all a restful Christmas break, and send my sincere thanks to all involved with The Coaching Psychologist in the last year and you the members for submitting articles.

Kasia Szymanska


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