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Kasia Szymanska

In the this the first issue of 2007, we focus to a greater extent on our December 2006 London conference. A lot of the presenters at the conference have submitted their presentations as papers to TCP or ICPR. We hope to publish as many as possible over the coming year. In the first paper, Jo Maddocks one of the conference presenters writes about the need for emotional learning in order make behavioural changes, while in another, Paul Ellis describes his experience of attending the conference as a ‘non-psychologist. Also for those of you who weren’t able to attend Jennifer Liston-Smith has written a comprehensive report about the conference, we hope it will encourage you to book early for the conference this year.

In addition Susie Linder-Pelz and Michael Hall write about the theoretical roots of Neuro-linguistic Programming and its application to coaching psychology practice. Then Jeanette Senior takes a detailed look at life coaching from its inception to its current status as a popular form of coaching and argues for the need for further research in this arena. Next, Sarah Talbot- London, Stephen Palmer and Paul Flaxman review the current research on stress in the prison service and outline proposals for further research in this field.

We have also introduced a new ‘International News’ section, with the aim of encouraging readers from all over the globe to share their perspectives on news / developments in coaching and coaching psychology. Our first paper in this section is from Paul O. Olson, who shares a personal view on the development of coaching standards in Norway.

Please don’t forget to keep sending in your high quality submissions to: kasia.s@tinyonline.co.uk

Kasia Szymanska


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