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Andrew Outhwaite & Neela Bettridge

This article explores the motivation, potential and practical means for using coaching to integrate sustainability into organisations. It is intended for two audiences: coaches, and organisations. For coaches, we explore how the challenge of social and ecological sustainability can be a compelling context and driver for their work. For organisations, we investigate coaching's potential as a means to link personal and sustainable development for better business and societal outcomes. For the benefit of both audiences we introduce some conceptual frameworks and share some of the findings and implications of our recent research. We also use cases and analyses of coaching methods to illustrate what integration of coaching and sustainability looks like in practice. We link what the world (as a global ecological, economic and social system) needs to what individuals (in emotional, psychological, cultural and spiritual terms) need. We conclude with the suggestion that coaching is one of the most powerful means of meeting both these urgent and important needs.

Keywords: coaching, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, leadership, development, transformation.

Full article: Volume 5, Issue 2 pages 76 - 89


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