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Vicky Ellam-Dyson

Hello and welcome to the second issue of The Coaching Psychologist (TCP) for 2009. This is the last Letter from the Chair I will write for TCP this year, before Dr Ho Law takes over as SGCP Chair for 2010. I’d like to take this opportunity to update you on the progress made against our aims for 2009 and discuss how we are working to resolve a number of issues for the benefit of our members.

You may be aware that the electronic versions of the SGCP publications; International Coaching Psychology Review (ICPR) and The Coaching Psychologist (TCP), are now accessible via the British Psychological Society online shop rather than direct from the SGCP website. This decision was made by the Society to provide a consistent approach for access to all Society publications. The Society also took the decision to apply a cost to these publications. Whilst this was not problematic for the ICPR, although the suggested price had to be renegotiated, it has raised issues regarding TCP. The strategy for TCP has historically involved providing it free of charge for members and non-members to encourage a wide readership with the aim of raising widespread awareness of developments within the profession. TCP has been available for sometime via several open access databases. We receive many queries from researchers, students, and others across Europe and beyond who contact us as a result of them having access to TCP via such means. Applying a cost to TCP means that it will have to be removed from these databases, potentially reducing the readership. We are engaged in discussions with the Society to encourage them to reconsider this decision and make TCP once again free to all for the benefit of the developing profession. We will keep you informed of the outcome.

Discussions are continuing with the Society regarding a route for recognition for coaching psychologists. Simon Bowen, Director of Member Services for the Society, will be attending the SGCP conference in December to discuss developments in this area. It is looking hopeful that we will be able to provide our members with some level of recognition, potentially via a specialist register.

Registration for our 2nd European Coaching Psychology conference is now open. The themes of the conference include: Hope and Wisdom, Engagement, Transition, Performance, Health and Well-being, Developing Practice and Community. Keynote speakers include: Professor Michel Moral, Professor Remco Polman, Dr Dusan Stojnov, Hugh O’Donovan, Dr Ilona Boniwell, and Peter Zarris. The conference is taking place at Royal Holloway, University of London, in Egham on 15 and 16 December. For more details and to book your place go to: www.sgcp.org.uk/conference/conference_home.cfm For this year’s conference programme we have arranged dinner and entertainment on the first evening and we look forward to you joining us.

Our first evening networking event hosted by Max Blumberg discussing research and evaluation for coaching practice was fully booked over a month before and was well received. At the time of writing we are organising our second networking event for November, hosted by Travis Kemp. The format of our networking events is interactive, involving group discussions and opportunities to share ideas with your peers. Details of future events are available on our website: www.sgcp.org.uk/events/events_home.cfm

Supervision for coaches and coaching psychologists remains a hot topic for debate and the SGCP recognises the importance of supporting our members in understanding when and how to engage in supervision. As such we are in the process of updating our supervision guidelines and will announce when the updated version is available.

We also recognise that our members can often face ethical dilemmas in their practice and may not feel sure of the right course of action under particular circumstances. To support our members we will be publishing sample ethical questions with suggestions for consideration in each issue of TCP. We will also be posting an ‘ethics question of the month’ on the front page of our website with a link to our interactive forums where members can engage in discussions and share ideas about resolutions to dilemmas.

The coaching psychology peer practice groups have created lots of interest, with coordinators planning to hold groups across the UK. The groups will be advertised monthly via the SGCP announcement list. To receive details about these groups you can subscribe to the announcement list by contacting our Honorary Secretary, Elouise Leonard-Cross, at sgcpsecretary@bps.org.uk. If you are a chartered psychologist and interested in hosting a group, or non-chartered and interested in co-hosting a group with a chartered psychologist please e-mail us at pgcp@bps.org.uk. A set of guidelines will be provided to group co-ordinators.

We are developing a new website to provide a fresher look and easier navigation for accessing information about the SGCP and the coaching psychology profession. We hope you find it an enjoyable tool to use.

To increase member’s awareness of research in the field of coaching psychology we will be developing a research digest. Members will be able to post details of their research and read about others’ research. The benefits of this include members having the opportunity to call for participants and to be able to engage with researchers conducting similar research who may be willing to join together for conference presentations, etc. This initiative will be announced via our announcement list and website shortly.

I am pleased to announce that Dr Siobhain O’Riordan has taken up the post of Editor for TCP. Siobhain’s previous experience with the SGCP and her position in the field of coaching psychology is highly valuable in ensuring the continuing development and distribution of TCP.

Finally, I would like to thank the SGCP committee for all their hard work and support in getting us to where we are at the end of another busy and productive year. And of course thanks to our members and readers for your feedback and input, enabling us to shape and grow each year.

As always, we welcome your ideas and comments - please do get in touch.

Vicky Ellam-Dyson
Chair, SGCP.
E-mail: sgcpchair@bps.org.uk


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