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Daša (Dasha) Grajfoner

This paper reports the results from the first group coaching course ‘Managing Change’ for male to female transsexuals. Gender transition is one of the most radical changes in one’s life. Psychosocial adaptation and social integration in the new gender role is crucial for sustaining well-being. The focus of this course was to explore whether group coaching can increase the well-being of clients while going through gender transitions by setting a goal and planning step-by-step actions. Six participants attended the course, which took place on nine consecutive weeks with 120-minute sessions each week. Individual goals referred mainly to disclosure and social integration in the new role. Self-assessment on goal achievement over nine weeks showed significant progress. At the end of the course the participants reported increased confidence, a positive outlook on the future and social acceptance within the group. The results indicate that using coaching psychology may contribute to improving well-being and decreasing mental health issues in transsexuals (TS).

Keywords: coaching psychology, goal, gender transition, transsexual.

Full article: Volume 5, Issue 2 pages 69 - 75


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