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Siobhain O'Riordan

The Events Team has continued to be active throughout 2006, running three very different events and also planning for the 2007 events programme. The SGCP 1st International Coaching Psychology Conference will also be held on 18 and 19 December, 2006, at City University, London. The organisation and co-ordination of the conference has been both a challenging and exciting project. The conference will offer a varied and thoughtprovoking programme as well as opportunities to promote coaching psychology internationally. We are delighted that the keynote speakers will be Dr Michael Cavanagh, Professor David Lane, Dr Alex Linley, Professor Stephen Palmer, Dr Dianne Stober and Pauline Willis. Further information about the conference is available at www.city.ac.uk/sgcp

The ‘Positive Psychology in Coaching Psychology’ one-day conference was held in September at the Society’s new London Office in Tabernacle Street. This one-day interactive conference offered a combination of lecture sessions and facilitated workshops covering the essence of the positive psychology approach to coaching psychology, the role of positive emotions in the coaching engagement, and strengthsfocused approaches to coaching psychology. This event brought together some of the UK’s leading experts in this area to deliver the programme. The conference was a great success and in particular I would like to thank Dr Alex Linley for his help and contributions to the organisation of this event.

At the time of writing our first Tele-event will be on the topic of ‘Coaching Psychology Supervision’, facilitated by Professor Michael Carroll and will be held in October. This one-hour interactive tele-event will introduce participants to some of the key themes and questions in relation to coaching psychology supervision. This event format offers the SGCP some exciting possibilities in relation to the scope available for future event planning.

The SGCP Professional Development, Training and Event Management (PDTEM) sub-committee has recently welcomed three new members. We are looking forward to working together to continue to offer CPD events in key areas of coaching psychology. We also remain keen to source speakers/ facilitators for both ‘SGCP Professional Development Workshops’ for the 2008 event programme and the Tele-event programme for 2007/2008. Further information on how to submit a proposal can be found on the SGCP website www.bps.org.uk/coachingpsy. Details and updates on the SGCP Events Programme are available on the ‘News Page’ of the SGCP website and we do hope you can attend or participate in one or more SGCP event(s) in 2007.

Finally, this will be my last report as SGCP Events Co-ordinator as I will move into my role as SGCP Chair at the end of 2006. I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to thank the hard working teams that have delivered the SGCP Events Programme to date and the 1st International Coaching Psychology Conference 2006 for all of their help and support.

Siobhain O’Riordan
SGCP Chair Elect and Events Co-ordinator
E-mail: siobhain.oriordan@btinternet.com


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