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Pauline Willis

Introduction and background

Earlier this year, the SGCP notified Ray Miller, the Society’s President, that the Committee is under pressure from our membership to define an accreditation process that will lead to Coaching Psychology specific professional accreditation within the Society. We also outlined that due to the current structure of the Society, there are limited options for us in terms of defining a professional accreditation route. The main path towards accreditation that would encompass the broadest range of members needs would be for us to move towards re-designation of the SGCP as a Division.

Being mindful that a major review of subsystems autonomy is being conducted and that questions such as ‘Do we need Divisions?’ are being raised, we are keen to move forwards, but in a way that is complementary to the broader process of change within the society.

Full article: Volume 2, Issue 3 pages 36 - 39


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