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Volume 4 Issue 3 - December 2008

Chair’s Letter
Alison Whybrow

Kasia Szymanska


Before we know how we’ve done, we need to know what we’re doing: Operationalising coaching to provide a foundation for coaching evaluation
Lorna Stewart, Siobhain O’Riordan & Stephen Palmer

Comparison between Wave and OPQ32 - a comment on McDowall and Kurz
David Bartram

A rejoinder to David Bartram
Almuth McDowall, Rainer Kurz, Rab Maclver & Peter Saville

A review of assumptions in executive coaching
Paul O. Olson

NLP is not based on constructivism
John Rowan

Understanding ethics in coaching psychology: The application of Socratic dialogue
Ho Law & Julie Allan

What is research to the profession of coaching psychology and what is the SGCP doing to promote it?
Alison Whybrow & Emma Short

Highlighting the psychology in coaching: Stephen Palmer interviews the Keynote Speakers from the 1st European Coaching Psychology Conference
Stephen Palmer

Coaching Psychology Techniques Section

Time projection imagery
Kasia Szymanska

International News Update

Coaching Psychology in Australia: The Interest Group in Coaching Psychology: The Third National Coaching Psychology Symposium
Alison Whybrow

Book Review

Handbook of Coaching Psychology - A Guide for Practitioners - Edited by Stephen Palmer & Alison Whybrow

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The Coaching Psychologist Volume 4 No 3 December 2008


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