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Sarah Talbot-Landon, Stephen Palmer & Paul Flaxman

Stress is a well known issue within many organisations and indeed many walks of life. The work of the Prison Service can conceivably be envisaged as a stressful job and this was highlighted by Cooper (1997) when being a Prison Officer was found to be the most stressful occupation. Ten years after Cooper’s research, we plan to investigate the presence and sources of stress within the prison service and to examine how an individual’s locus of control and the balance of work and family may interact in the stress process. Having examined these factors, we will evaluate the effectiveness of coaching for reducing self-reported distress amongst prison officers. This paper seeks to review the available existing research and to outline the proposed methodology for this study.

Keywords: stress, stress prevention, coaching, locus of control, work-life balance, Prison Service.

Full article: Volume 3, Issue 1 pages 24 - 27


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