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Susie Linder-Pelz & L. Michael Hall

NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) is a communication model; it is about the internal representation of experience and how people communicate with themselves as well as others. In recent years NLP has informed much coaching practice (McDermott & Jago, 2001; Dilts, 2003; McLeod, 2004). Yet ‘the relationship between NLP and academe has been tenuous and somewhat strained, influenced in part by the apparently atheoretical stance of the founders’ (Tosey, Mathison & Michelli, 2005).

This paper details the theoretical origins of the NLP model and its roots in established psychological theories. Our intent is to offer an informed view of NLP as well as to contribute to the development and validation of professional coaching practices that are grounded in established psychological theory and research (Grant, 2001; Stober, Wildflower & Drake, 2006).

Keywords: Neurology, linguistics, neuroscience, NLP, meta-states, cognitive behaviour, solution focused, self-reflexivity, coaching, self-actualisation.

Full article: Volume 3, Issue 1 pages 12 - 17


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